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St. Peter's Fiesta Through The Years book is now here. It can be purchased at this years St. Peter's Fiesta, it will also be available at local book stores, Borders and Barnes and Noble. There will also be a photo exibit at St. Peter's square.

'St. Peter's Fiesta Through The Years was compiled of photographs and stories that convey the true meaning of a festival that has taken place for over seventy years. Pictures from family collections and from the local newspaper, as well as personal stories, are presented in this rare collection to convey the history of this summer festival and the deep meaning it has to its community.

When viewing this photo Journal, it is important to appreciate the tremendous amounts of hard work and dedication required by this community to bring us, year after year, beautiful parade floats, ornate altars, creative greasy-pole costumes, and exciting boat races.

It is our hope that this book, St. Peter's fiesta Through the Years, will help to recognize the importance of our heritage, to embrace it, to teach it, and to preserve it for our children'

Below is a photo of the St. Peter's Fiesta Through The Years cover photo.
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